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8th July 2016

We all have our obsessions, food, wine, sport and some of our childhood favourites never leave us.
If you love motor bike riding, lego, Harry Potter, model trains or if you have ever fancied yourself as a knight in shining armour or a damsel in distress, then Mannum has a new and exciting event for you with the first ever ‘Game Obsession Expo’ to be held at the Mannum Showgrounds on Sunday 7th August.
The showground oval will transform as you will be able to step back into medieval times and witness the catapulting ‘Moat Perrier’ or watch the skill and authenticity of some Medieval tournaments from “Ironclad Academy of the sword”.
The Mannum Game Obsession Expo is the place for Harry Potter fans as you can live your J K Rowling dream and participate in a ‘Quidditch’ match or immerse yourself in the Live action roleplay escape from modern life with an enthusiastic group of fantasy fans who have decided to take  gaming away from the table and the computer and put it into action  “Southern Wilds Live Action roleplaying” (LARP). We are - live action!

Moto X fanatics will revel in the ‘The Whip Freestyle Moto X Team’ demonstration from Echuca will riders launching into their air with their amazing stunts.
Ride the Extreme Thriller as it spins and swings to 90 degrees, the Superhero, bungee trampoline & more.
The Game Obsession Expo is the brainchild of The Mannum Agricultural Society who identified the opportunity for a unique event in Mannum.
The society considered this event would maximize the use of the Mannum Showgrounds throughout winter. The Show Treasurer Gavin Pitman has attended many unique events in and around South Australia and from there the Mannum’s ‘Game Obsession Expo’ was developed.
Gavin believes Mannum’s showgrounds is the ideal location with all of its facilities and space to display people’s many and varied obsessions.
“There are so many collectors out there who love to share their passion with others and to date we have over 25 traders, vendors and exhibits” Gavin said.
“One of the main features is a Warhammer 40k tournament which will be held during the expo where expo goers can come see the strategy and skills behind this current world wide obsession and we have Chris Berkin appearing at the event to explain about the strategies when playing in the tournament.”
“From model aircraft enthusiasts and remote control warships to wood turners and board games, you will certainly find your obsession.”
Mayor Dave Burgess of the Mid Murray Council said that it was wonderful to see such a unique event concept and it will be an opportunity to take yourself back to your childhood.
‘I was one of the players of the addictive ‘Space Invader’ arcade game craze in the late 70’s”.
“Would be fantastic to see a recreation of this at the event in the future”.
“With the short drive from Adelaide, the expo is sure to attract widespread interest with the interactive events and demonstrations” Mayor Burgess said.
Mannum’s ‘Game Obsession Expo’ will be held at the Mannum Showgrounds on Sunday 7th August from 9am until 5pm.  Entry is $8.00 for adults and $2.00 for children with proceeds to the Mannum Agricultural Society Incorporated to support our annual show and allow us to maintain and enhance our aging facilities.
For further information contact Gavin Pitman on 0419 828 339 or visit
Event at a Glance:

Event:        Game Obsession Expo
Place:        Mannum Showgrounds (only 1 hour from Adelaide)
Date:            Sunday 7th August
Entry:        Adults $8.00 and Children $2.00
Time:            9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Enquiries:        Gavin Pitman – 0419828339
Info:   or contact the
            Mannum Visitor Information Centre on 85691303.